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Water Conversation

As Albertans, we all expect water – our most important resource – to be managed and protected so we can enjoy a healthy environment and high quality of life, today and in the future.

Strong water policy and the Water for Life Strategy have served our province well, thanks in large part to input from Albertans.

But Alberta is growing - fast. We must start planning now to ensure our water resources meet the future needs of our environment, economy and people.

Your Role

This is the beginning of an ongoing discussion on the future of Alberta’s water. Your ideas will help shape the strategic direction on four priority areas:

  • Healthy Lakes
    A vital component of Alberta's ecosystems. A consistent and effective management approach is needed to maintain and improve the health of our lakes.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing and Water
    "Fracking" methods have been used in Alberta since the 1950s. With new technologies, we may see an even greater use in the future. Additional demands on water supplies must be managed safely and efficiently.

  • Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems
    Growth, changing standards and aging infrastructure place demands on our water systems. A new approach could ensure the continued integrity, dependability, and sustainability of this important infrastructure.

  • Water Management
    80% of Alberta's water flows to the north, but 80% of the demand is in the south. Optimizing our systems will ensure all Albertans have access to safe, healthy water.

Outcomes will also guide additional provincial strategies; including:

  • Regional planning under the Land-use Framework; and
  • Development of an Integrated Resource Management System that sets and achieves the environmental, economic and social outcomes of resource development.

Certain options are not under consideration:

  • Our water will not be sold to other jurisdictions; and
  • The current water priority licence system of "first in time, first in right".

Next Steps

Ideas shared during the community sessions, through emails and online workbook submissions are compiled into a Summary of Discussions report and led to the creation of the Water Conversation Action Plan.

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