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Surface Water Quality Data

Alberta Environment and Parks and its partners collect surface water quality samples in rivers, lakes and other waterbodies across the province. Much of the physical and chemical data from the monitoring program are stored in Water Data System (WDS), a module of the Environmental Management System. Other datasets, such as biological data, are being added to WDS as resources allow.

Disclaimer: The data have gone through a verification/validation process; however, occasional errors or anomalies may occur. Users should be aware of changes and improvements to field sampling and analytical laboratory methods (for example, improved method detection limits) when comparing water quality samples collected over time.

The Surface Water Quality Data – Information Sheet provides:


  • for further information or to request additional data not available online
  • for questions regarding surface water quality data search tools
  • if anomalies are discovered in the dataset

The search tools (below) can be used to view or download data for commonly requested water quality variables.

Station Inventory

The Station Inventory is a summary of sample locations and associated metadata, including:

  • latitude and longitude
  • sample matrix (for example, water, sediment)
  • sample count (approximate number of samples) by decade
  • water quality variable categories (for example, routine ions, nutrients, metals, pesticides, trace organics)

Long Term River Station Data

View or download commonly requested water quality data for monthly samples collected at long term monitoring stations.

Lake/Reservoir Data

Lake data (including reservoirs) are available in 2 forms:

  • raw data
  • summary format (table or graph)

Lake Water Quality Data

View or download data for commonly requested water quality variables:

Lake Condition

Lake condition is often based on the level (or concentration) of 2 key trophic indicators:

  • total phosphorus (a key nutrient)
  • chlorophyll-a (a general measure of algal biomass)

These measurements, which can be representative of biological productivity, are used to group Alberta lakes into a range of trophic categories:

  • oligotrophic (low productivity)
  • mesotrophic (moderate productivity)
  • eutrophic (high productivity)
  • hyper-eutrophic (very high productivity)

Trophic Condition of Alberta Lakes

Summary of lake condition by trophic category.

  • Table
    Select an individual lake or all stations to view the table.
  • Graph
    Select an individual lake or all stations to view the graph. Use the dropdown to select total phosphorus or chlorophyll-a and sort by trophic condition or lake name.

Trophic Data: Annual Mean Concentrations

Graph of annual trophic data for an individual lake.

  • Graph
    Select a lake to access the graph. Click on the graph to access the data.


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