Surface Water Quality Data

The Government of Alberta has collected surface water quality samples in provincial waterbodies since the 1950s. The sample data are stored in the Water Data System (WDS), a module of Alberta Environment and Parks’ (AEP) Environmental Management System (EMS). This database holds the majority of physical and chemistry data collected for the surface water monitoring program by AEP and close partners. Other historic data sets and biological data are being added to WDS.

Disclaimer: The online reports only include data that have gone through a validation process; however, occasional errors or anomalies may occur. There have been changes and improvements to the field sampling and analytical laboratory methods (e.g. detection limits) over time. Users should be aware of this when comparing older water quality sample results to newer ones.

Table of Variable Names and Units: The online reports have some limitations with respect to displaying accurate column headers. This table displays the correct variable names and units for the Long Term River Network and Detailed Lake reports.

Station Inventory Report

The Station Inventory report displays an inventory of the stations and samples, including latitude and longitude, sample matrix, count of samples (including approximate number of samples by decade), and categories of sample type (routine ions and nutrients, metals, pesticides, other organic variables).

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Long Term River Network Data Report

This report displays a subset of commonly requested variables from Alberta Environment and Parks’ Long Term River Network (LTRN) project. The project includes monthly samples for most water quality variables at sample sites (stations) along the major rivers beginning in 1987.

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Lake/Reservoir Data Reports

Trophic Condition of Alberta Lakes Reports: Displays the overall mean (of the annual averages) for lakes or reservoirs with sufficient data to calculate trophic condition (at least three samples in any year during the open water season – May to September).

Trophic Condition of Alberta Lakes report summarizes the trophic condition for all lakes.

Annual Average of Trophic Variables report displays annual trophic data for individual lakes.

Detailed Lake Water Quality Report: Displays individual open-water samples for commonly requested water quality variables.

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