Reconnaissance (Summary) Sheet

This list summarizes the groundwater data held by Alberta Environment and Parks for specified areas. The list does not reflect the exact number or location of water wells for that area. Some data will appear multiple times on the summary sheet, reflecting that separate well tests have been done, over time.

  • Depth is reported in feet (or metres) from the surface
  • CHM = number of chemical analyses held on file
  • LT = number of lines of lithology
  • PT = number of lines of pump test data (drawdown and/or recovery)
  • Static level is reported in feet (or metres) from the surface (unless otherwise reported in the Additional Comments on Well section on the drilling report)

Colour Coding of Reconnaissance Report Based on Type of Work

Green New Well
Light Green Deepened, Reconstructed, Reconditioned
Blue Chemistry only
Red Dry Hole, Dry Hole-Abandoned, New Well-Abandoned, Old Well-Abandoned, Test Hole-Abandoned
Brown Spring, Flowing Shot Hole
White Piezometer, Well Inventory, Old Well-Test, Test Hole, Other, Unknown


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Updated: Sep 22, 2015