Water Information Centre

Alberta Environment and Parks is committed to providing quality and timely information on Alberta's water systems. The provincial Water Information Centre focuses on consolidating and delivering specific information of interest to our users.

Benchmark Retrieval Information System Online Surface Water Quality Reports
This site uses a geographical information system to retrieve the elevation and location of benchmarks established by the department.

Online surface water quality reports provide information on water quality for rivers and lakes in Alberta.

These reports include:

  • Inventory of Sampling Locations and Water Quality Data
  • Lake Water Quality Data
  • River Network Station Water Quality Data
  • Trophic State of Alberta Lakes
Flood Risk Map Information System Forecast Centre
This site uses a geographical information system to display available flood risk map information throughout the province. The Forecast Centre features water advisories and warnings, water supply outlook, forecaster's comments, precipitation maps, and frequently asked questions.
Groundwater Information Centre Authorization / Approval Viewer
This Alberta Water Well Information Database site uses a geographical information system to display information for water well drilling reports, chemical analysis reports, springs, flowing shot holes, test holes, and pump tests. View documentation for approvals, licences, registrations and permits issued under the Water Act and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.


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Updated: Apr 18, 2018