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The new Alberta Wetland Policy announced by Diana McQueen, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, marks a significant milestone in the work Alberta is doing to ensure responsible environmental management. The policy applies to wetlands of all classes and will provide a balanced approach to wetland management across the province.

  • Alberta Wetland Policy

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development has released the Water for Life Progress Report: December 1, 2008 to March 31, 2011. The report highlights a selection of the activities, programs, and tools being pursued under the Water for Life strategy. To view the report, see:

The Alberta Water Council has released "Moving from Words to Action: Recommendations to improve communication, coordination and collaboration between and among Water for Life Partners". The report contains recommendations to improve processes for communication, coordination, and collaboration between and among Water for Life (WFL) partnerships. To view the document see Alberta Water Council’s website at:

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development have jointly led the development of a report identifying aquatic environmentally significant areas (AESA) in Alberta based on ecological criteria identified by the Alberta Water Council. The primary intended use of the report is to inform land-use and watershed planning of areas that may require special consideration during planning processes. The report and mapped areas are available as an information tool to support regional planning initiatives, and can be found at:

Alberta Environment and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development have developed A Desktop Method for Establishing Environmental Flows in Alberta Rivers and Streams, an instream flow needs desktop method to support the goal of the Water for Life strategy and the key action to establish science-based methods for determining the ecological requirements for a healthy aquatic environment. To view the report, see:

The Oil and Gas sector has completed their Conservation, Efficiency, and Productivity report (CEP report) for water use in their industry. The report, Responsible Water Management in Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry, is now available. To view the report, see:


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Updated: Dec 17, 2014