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Water Use Reporting

Alberta Water Use Reporting System

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) developed the Water Use Reporting System to allow licensed water users to report their water diversions online.

Licensees enter the data on a daily, monthly or annual basis depending on the reporting requirement of their licence. Although reporting requirements for many licence holders are currently voluntary, the Alberta Water Council and representatives from the seven major water using sectors have recommended the system be made mandatory.

The department is working on amending licence requirements for large volume licences to enable mandatory reporting. Mandatory reporting will help to establish benchmarks for the Conservation, Efficiency, and Productivity plans each sector is committed to develop and implement under Water for Life.

Water Measurement Guidebook

AEP published a Water Measurement Guidebook to assist unmetered licence holders to more accurately measure their water diversions. While water meters are a preferred method of measuring water diversion because of their accuracy, the unmetered methods outlined in the guidebook help licence holders improve the consistency and accuracy of their water diversion measurement. The guidebook can be found on the Water Use Reporting System web page.

Accurate water use is one of the foundational elements that will help with better management of Alberta’s water resources. Water use information can also be used to establish baseline numbers against which improvements in conservation, efficiency, and, productivity can be measured.


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