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Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity (CEP)

Water for Life and water conservation

As outlined in Water for Life: A Strategy for Sustainability (2003), conservation, efficiency, and productivity outcomes and actions specific to sector planning include:

  • Prepare water conservation and productivity plans for all water using sectors.
  • By 2015, the overall efficiency and productivity of water use in Alberta has improved 30% from 2005 levels.
  • Establish an ongoing monitoring program to ensure all sectors are achieving water conservation and productivity objectives by 2013/14.

For further information about the Water for Life strategy, see:

Conservation, Efficiency, and Productivity Plans (CEP Plans)

As part of the Water for Life strategy the Alberta Water Council examined the objective of improving water conservation, efficiency, and productivity. In 2008, the Council produced recommendations for CEP planning, and outlined a planning process to be followed by the seven major water using sectors in the Province.

CEP Plans – the framework

The sectors are developing their plans under a framework outlined in the Alberta Water Council’s Recommendations for Water Conservation, Efficiency, and Productivity Sector Planning report. The framework includes a roadmap of the process sectors will follow when preparing CEP sector plans and 21 recommendations to support the development, implementation, and evaluation of sector planning.

The sectors are also members of an Alberta Water Council project team that serves as a forum for them to share ideas, knowledge, opportunities, and experiences and to evaluate the need for enhancements to the CEP framework. Updates on this work are available on the Alberta Water Council’s water conservation web page at:

As outlined in the framework, CEP sector plans will:

  • Support the outcomes of Water for Life
  • Support one or more of the following CEP desired outcomes:
    • Demand for water is reduced.
    • Water use productivity is increased.
    • Water use efficiency is improved
  • Maintain the following:
    • Resources are conserved to maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems.
    • Water quality is maintained or enhanced.

Who make-up the seven major water using sectors in Alberta?

The Alberta Water Council members include representatives from seven major water using sectors:

  • Chemical producers
  • Downstream petroleum products
  • Forestry
  • Irrigation
  • Power generation
  • Upstream oil and gas (includes oil and mining)
  • Urban municipalities


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