Downloadable Information about the Water for Life Strategy

Water for Life: Alberta’s strategy for sustainability, 2003- Nov 2003 (32 pages, <1 MB)

Water for Life: a renewal, 2008- Nov 2008 (20 pages, 1.2 MB)

Water for Life: action plan, 2009- Nov 2009 (28 pages, <1 MB)

The Water for Life action plan is also available in hardcopy from the Information Centre.

Water for Life: Progress Report December 1, 2008 - March 31, 2011- Jan 2012 (72 pages, 1.5 MB)

Water for Life fact sheet- 2011 (1 page, <1 MB)

Water for Life videos

The videos were produced as part of the Water for Life renewal in 2008. They provide a summary of the strategy and discuss the impact of the strategy on water management in Alberta.


Click the play button to start the video. (2:47)

Looking Back

Click the play button to start the video. (6:34)


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