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Watershed Support Material and Publications

Watershed management

  • Alberta Water Council Recommendations for a Watershed Management Planning Framework for Alberta (2008)
    In their report the Alberta Water Council provides twelve recommendations to improve watershed management in Alberta by developing a framework to integrate shared governance and a watershed approach into the existing policy and legislation.
  • Enabling Partnerships
    A framework supporting Water for Life that describes how landowners, communities, organizations, industry, and governments can get involved in timely and effective actions for the sustainable management of Alberta’s watersheds.
  • Framework for Water Management Planning
    A reference guide outlining the process for water management planning and the components required for water management plans in Alberta. The framework provides general guidance for a consistent approach to water management planning.
  • Glossary of Terms Related to Watershed Management in Alberta
    An easy-to-follow glossary of common terms directly associated with water and watershed management in Alberta. The glossary serves as a tool and reference for Water for Life partnerships and working groups.
  • Guide to Watershed Planning
    A guide for Water for Life partners outlining the best practices for watershed management planning in Alberta. This guide outlines a process for a consistent approach and provides useful tools and resources for watershed management planning.

State of the watershed reporting

  • Handbook for State of the Watershed Reporting
    An overview of the process elements for compiling and evaluating existing and available information for the purpose of completing a broad-scale screening of the physical features, resources and conditions of a watershed. This handbook introduces users to the concept of watershed-scale assessments via watershed health indicators and includes an extensive listing of data and information sources from across the province.
  • Guide to Reporting on Common Indicators Used in State of the Watershed Reports
    Completing another key action of the Water for Life Action Plan, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development recently released the above noted guide as a reference for groups reporting on conditions within their watershed. The guide sets out criteria and direction for consistent reporting on a subset of watershed health indicators commonly found in state of the watershed reports. The main audience for this document includes Alberta’s Watershed Stewardship Groups and Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils.

    The Guide to Reporting on Common Indicators Used in State of the Watershed Reports is a companion document to the Handbook for State of the Watershed Reporting released by Alberta Environment in 2008.

Assessing Environmental performance


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