Watershed Stewardship Groups Achievements

Watershed Stewardship Grant Program Report 2011

Firmly entrenched in the belief that "change begins at home", Alberta’s watershed stewardship community continues to demonstrate commitment and creativity in their efforts and initiatives.

On June 30, 2011, the Edmonton-based Land Stewardship Centre of Canada (LSCC) submitted to Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) its final report on the successful delivery of the sixth annual Watershed Stewardship Grant Program.

Once the prominent program of the Alberta Stewardship Network, the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program is now one of several programs delivered by the LSCC that are aimed at supporting and building the capacity of Alberta’s stewardship community.  This change took place in 2011, when in an effort to become more strategic and efficient in the delivery of its stewardship mandate, the Alberta Stewardship Network itself transitioned to become a program of the LSCC.

The Watershed Stewardship Grant Program has always been considered a prized source of funding for many of Alberta’s volunteer-led stewardship groups. In 2011, the program disbursed $135,000 to twenty-three different stewardship groups across 10 of Alberta’s 11 major watersheds. The report illustrates how many of these groups are able to tie their efforts to the work and/or services of other stewardship organizations, including:

The 2011 Watershed Stewardship Grant Program was funded via a $450,000 grant from the department intended to carry the annual program through 2013. Although still the sole direct funder of the grant program, recipients have consistently been able to leverage additional funding and in-kind support to complement the project funding awarded to them. In 2011, the total value of the projects carried out under this program was estimated at more than $750,000 (leveraging of 5:1).

The 2012 Watershed Stewardship Grant Program promised similar success with twenty-two community-based stewardship groups having recently been awarded grant funding for their local activities and programs. "As a result of the support provided to Alberta’s stewardship community, these groups continue to evolve, as does the nature and value of their projects. The cumulative benefit arising from the work of these groups is a great example of the potential that lies in our partnerships at the grassroots level" (Curtis Horning, former AEP representative on the Alberta Stewardship Network Program Advisory Committee).

Awareness to Action: A Showcase of Environmental Stewardship in Alberta

Awareness to Action is a publication of the Alberta Stewardship Network (ASN) that features 15 community stewardship groups involved in inspiring projects. It is available for downloading from the ASN site at:


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