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Education and Outreach

Through their education and outreach programs, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) aim to raise public awareness about issues and stewardship options within the watershed, and encourage public involvement in watershed management. Education and outreach activities vary across each WPAC according to their priorities and objectives. Below are a few examples of the types of activities that may be underway.

Workshops and educational forums

Workshops and educational forums are regularly held by various WPACs, providing the general public with an opportunity to learn more about issues in the watershed, to network with various stakeholders and to discuss ongoing initiatives.

Classroom programs

Several WPACs have also developed classroom programs as part of their education activities. These include school presentations and field trip opportunities, as well as working with schools to develop programs that build environmental awareness and stewardship within the curriculum.

Community events

Participation in community events allows WPACs to celebrate successes and engage with the public while raising awareness in a more festive setting.

Communication initiatives

Many WPACs have developed a number of communication initiatives to support their education and outreach work. Most WPACs regularly send out a newsletter to their members and provide a wealth of information through their website, social media and publications.

Please refer to your local WPAC to learn more about their specific education and outreach programs.


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