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Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils

Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) are important stewards of Alberta's major watersheds. They are independent, non-profit organizations that are designated by Alberta Environment and Parks to report on the health of our watersheds, lead collaborative planning, and facilitate education and stewardship activities.

WPACs engage representatives of key stakeholders in the river basin area, including municipal, provincial and federal governments; industrial sectors; conservation groups; aboriginal communities; academia; and the public. In their work, they seek consensus on land and water resource management strategies that support the achievement of shared environmental, social, and economic outcomes for the watershed.

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Within Alberta there are currently eleven WPACs representing the major river basins:

A collaborative approach to water management

The Water for Life strategy marked a shift in the management of Alberta’s water resources to better enable shared responsibility and environmental stewardship. WPACs are the main mechanism to foster this collaboration at the watershed level, creating opportunities for stakeholders to come together, share resources, and explore innovative solutions to water management challenges. This provides a strong basis for collaborative action and shared ownership in the work of the council.

WPAC program areas

Water for Life provided WPACs with a mandate to support multi-stakeholder collaboration and community engagement within four main program areas:


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