Battle, Middle, and Lodge Creeks

River running between trees

The Battle, Middle and Lodge creeks originate in the Cypress Hills of southeastern Alberta and flow in a southeasterly direction into Saskatchewan before flowing south across the international boundary into Montana and emptying into the Milk River.

Since these streams are tributaries of the Milk River, sharing the waters of these three stream courses is governed by both the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909, which requires that the natural flow be divided equally between Canada and the United States; and by Schedule A of the Master Agreement on Apportionment (1969), between Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In recognition of Canada's obligations to the U.S. on these streams, the Master Agreement on Apportionment, 1969, states that Alberta permit water equal to 75% of the natural flow to pass to Saskatchewan annually.

Apportionment calculations are carried out quarterly (or more frequently if required).


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Updated: Dec 16, 2015