Drinking Water

Historically, clean and safe water is something Albertans have taken for granted. The Government of Alberta remains committed to assuring quality drinking water for Albertans. Efforts to ensure safe secure drinking water must recognize our dependence on aquatic ecosystems as source water and the potential requirements of other uses that support our economy.

A comprehensive strategy to protect drinking water is one specific outcome of the Water for Life action plan, released in 2009. This strategy involves assuring Albertans have timely access to information about drinking water quality in their communities and ensuring drinking water infrastructure strictly adheres to emerging standards.

A variety of information related to drinking water in the province is available at:

Some of its topics include:

  • Approvals, compliance and enforcement activities
  • Drinking water facility assessments
  • Information on the Government of Alberta’s drinking water program
  • Related water legislation
  • The Regulated Drinking Water database, which allows Albertans to review information on a particular water treatment facility
  • Water and wastewater facility operator certification programs
  • Water and wastewater management

Information on drinking water quality advisories, such as boil water advisories, can be found on the Alberta Health Services web page at:


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Updated: Dec 8, 2015