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Alberta Environment and Parks produces a variety of reports and information products describing water quality conditions in the province.

The following is a list of surface water quality reports by keyword. Keywords may include the name of the water body or the subject of the report. For example, if you are looking for a report on dissolved oxygen conditions in the Highwood River, you will find the report listed twice, under the keywords "Dissolved Oxygen" and "Highwood River".

Many reports are available electronically through the Open Government Portal:

Printed copies can be obtained by email:

Some of the reports listed are available for loan through the Alberta Government Library:

Brochures and Fact Sheets

Older brochures are available in hard copy and can be found in the Water Quality Report Listing document above.


Maps and Graphs



Additional Reference Material

There are excellent reference materials pertaining to water quality and the protection of watersheds, lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands. For example, many documents have been published by private organizations, community groups and government departments or agencies in other provinces and states. Internet searching is very helpful to find the most recent versions of these resources.


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Updated: Jul 9, 2018