Legislation and Policy

  • Provincial legislation (regulations) and policy that governs how water is managed in the South Saskatchewan River Basin specifically, including water allocation transfer information
  • Provincial legislation and policies that govern water management for all Alberta

For further information on water legislation, policy, plans and administration subjects for the entire province, please visit:

Specific to the South Saskatchewan River Basin

Regulations under the Water Act

Water Management Plans under the Water Act

Water Allocation Transfers

International Treaties and Interprovincial Agreements

SSRB Apportionment Performance Forecasts and Annual Reports

Applying to All of Alberta

Regulations under the Water Act

Policies, Standards & Guidelines under the Water Act

To view further information on the Water Act, look under the Fact Sheets section at:

Codes of Practice under the Water Act


Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA)

Regulations under EPEA

Policies, Standards & Guidelines under EPEA

Codes of Practice under EPEA



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Updated: Oct 16, 2018