Muskeg River Interim Management Framework

Muskeg River

The Muskeg River watershed is located in the Athabasca Oil Sands region of northern Alberta, within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The river is a tributary to the Athabasca River and drains an extensive area of boreal forest wetlands. The area of the Muskeg River watershed is about 1,480 km2.

Management Framework

Due to the mining activities in the area, careful planning and appropriate regulations are necessary to ensure that the cumulative effects of these large-scale and long-term developments do not compromise the ecological integrity of the area.

This interim management plan for the Muskeg River is a starting point in the development of a long-term strategy to address the impacts oil sands mining activities have on the watershed. Cumulative effects management, integrated regional planning and comprehensive watershed management are ways in which environmental impacts of development can be minimized.


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Updated: Jun 26, 2018