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Lesser Slave Basins Water Management Plan

Phase One - Finding the Balance Between Water Use and Environmental Protection in the Lesser Slave River Basin

Alberta Environment and Parks approved the 2009 Lesser Slave Lake Watershed Management Plan submitted by the Lesser Slave Watershed Council. The intent of this plan is to address low flow issues in the Lesser Slave River and provide recommendations for water use in the Lesser Slave Lake and River Basins in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Using a phased approach, the plan was drafted by the Lesser Slave Watershed Council, a multi-sector stakeholder group that provides advice on water management in the Lesser Slave Basins, and the general public.

The first phase of this water management plan involved assessing the volume of water in the Lesser Slave River required for human use, and the flow and quality needed to protect the aquatic environment. The function of the Lesser Slave Lake Regulation Project was also addressed, including the impact of sediment in the lake outlet channel.

The management plan was guided by a Terms of Reference that was approved after being reviewed by the public at open houses held in High Prairie, Slave Lake, and Faust.

The Management Plan is an example of the watershed planning approach recommended in the Water for Life strategy and follows the guiding structure found within the Framework for Water Management Planning.

A State of the Lesser Slave Watershed Report was also completed by the Lesser Slave Watershed Council and is available on their website.

Phase two will address water management issues within the Lesser Slave Lake Basin, including water quality, shoreline development, sedimentation and groundwater.

For more information about the Lesser Slave Lake and Lesser Slave River Basins Water Management Plan, contact Abdi Siad-Omar, Senior Planner, at (780) 427-7227, or Rod Burr at (780) 624-6567. These contact numbers can be dialed toll free in Alberta by first dialing 310-0000.


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