Cold Lake - Beaver River Water Management Plan Area

The Cold Lake -Beaver River planning area is part of the Cold Lake River Basin located in Alberta that drains to the outlet of Cold Lake. It also includes the Lower Beaver River Basin that drains to the Alberta / Saskatchewan Boundary. This was the area used in the original 1985 Plan.

The 2006 management plan update retains the same planning area as the original 1985 plan and continues to focus on lakes, downstream rivers, and aquifers that are most likely to be affected by existing water withdrawals and future withdrawal applications. With the completion of the updated plan, the new priority for watershed management planning will be to include the headwaters (upper portion) of the Beaver River Basin. The development of this integrated watershed management plan will be the responsibility of the recently established Watershed Planning and Advisory Council? the Beaver River Watershed Alliance.


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Updated: Jan 17, 2014