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Lake Stewardship

Maintaining the health of Alberta’s lakes is everyone’s responsibility. Actions of individual lakeshore residents, decision makers and land users around the lake add up to make a huge difference. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Consider sharing docks, piers and boat lanes within your community to minimize shoreline disturbance
  • Get involved with your local lake stewardship group to help promote healthy lake living
  • Have your septic system inspected regularly and empty septic tanks as recommended
  • If you are a stewardship group, municipality or First Nation living along a lake, consider getting involved with the Central Alberta Recreational Lakes initiative, which is an annual spring forum to share new information and resources. Contact:
  • Keep wheels out of the water – regulations prohibit people from using off-highway vehicles (OHVs) on the beds and shores of a permanent and naturally occurring body of water
  • Leave your shoreline and aquatic vegetation in its natural condition – in fact, it is illegal to do any shoreline modifications or aquatic vegetation removal without written authorization from Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Plant native plants and shrubs where shorelines have been cleared
  • Refuel your boat using spill control devices or fill tanks well away from water
  • Use no fertilizers or only organic, slow-release fertilizers placed well away from the shoreline
  • Watch for aquatic invasive species and report or remove as appropriate

For More Information

For more information about Alberta’s lakes, lake management or lake stewardship visit:


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