Respect Our Lakes

Lakes are one of the most treasured aspects of the Alberta landscape. They have become an integral part of many lives, whether you are a long-time lake resident or someone who visits lakes occasionally for boating, fishing or wildlife watching. Unfortunately, many lakes and watersheds in Alberta have seen extensive land clearing and development, resulting in large amounts of nutrients entering lakes and lake sediments. Years of reduced rainfall coupled with excess nutrients has resulted in lakes that have many water quality issues, such as excess aquatic vegetation growth or extensive blue-green algae blooms.

The Respect Our Lakes (ROL) program was developed within the Government of Alberta and aims to support and engage Albertans in lake stewardship. The program provides the tools and resources to help lake users understand, value, and actively manage lakes through the application of relevant legislation and science.

Accessing Respect Our Lakes Resources

Respect Our Lakes resources are available on request to individuals and communities engaged in lake stewardship. For more information on the program, to arrange for staff to visit your lake, or to borrow the program display and print resources, contact:

Respect Our Lakes Brochures

The brochures can also be ordered through the Information Centre:


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Updated: Jun 26, 2018