Learn about Alberta's Program to Assure Environmentally Acceptable Wastewater and Storm Water Discharges

Alberta takes a comprehensive approach to municipal wastewater management. Alberta Environment and Parks' (AEP) Municipal Wastewater Program regulates wastewater treatment systems that are designed to treat more than 25 cubic metres of wastewater per day or systems that discharge off the site of development. These systems service approximately 80 per cent of the province's population. The other systems not regulated by the department include private homes and farmsteads, which are regulated by Municipal Affairs, and First Nations regulated by the federal government.

AEP's Wastewater Program is comprised of five elements:

  • Legislation
    • Act and regulations
  • Protection
    • Protection of receiving waters and the environment
    • Water and wastewater operator certification
    • Laboratory Data Quality Assurance Policy
  • Wastewater Systems
    • Standards and Guidelines for Municipal Waterworks, Wastewater and Storm Drainage Systems
    • Funding
  • Performance Assurance
    • Approval and registration process, forms, guides and Codes of Practice
    • Inspections
    • Compliance Assurance
    • Enforcement
  • Knowledge and Awareness
    • National coordination
    • Publications
    • What you should know

Private systems that receive less than 25 cubic meters per day of wastewater and that dispose treated wastewater on private land:

For more information on Private Systems, contact:

For more information on regulated systems, contact one of AEP’s offices:


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Updated: Apr 10, 2018