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Glossary of Municipal Wastewater Terms in Alberta

This glossary of terms, and more, can be found in the following Acts and Regulations:

Domestic wastewater - wastewater that is the composite of liquid and water-carried wastes associated with the use of water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, hygiene, sanitation or other domestic purposes, together with any infiltration and inflow wastewater, that is released into a wastewater collection system.

Sewer - any system of pipes, drains, pumping works, equipment, structures and other things used for the collection, transportation or disposal of wastewater, but does not include any building drain, plumbing or building sewer.

Sludge - the accumulated wet or dry bio-solids that are separated from wastewater during treatment, including the precipitate resulting from the chemical or biological treatment of wastewater.

Wastewater - domestic wastewater and may include industrial wastewater.

Wastewater system - a system for collecting, treating and disposing of wastewater and includes any or all of the following: sewers and pumping stations that make up a wastewater collection system; sewers and pumping stations that transport untreated wastewater from a wastewater collection system to a wastewater treatment plant; wastewater treatment plants; facilities that provide storage for treated wastewater; wastewater sludge treatment and disposal facilities; sewers that transport treated wastewater from a wastewater treatment plant to the place where it is disposed of; treated wastewater outfall facilities, including the outfall structures to a watercourse or any appurtenances for disposal of treated wastewater to land or to wetlands.

Wastewater collection system - a system of sewers, valves, fittings, pumping stations and appurtenances that is used to collect wastewater, up to and including the service connection.

Wastewater lagoon - also known as wastewater stabilization ponds; means a wastewater treatment plant that consists of one or more designed and constructed surface impoundments used for biological and physical treatment of wastewater, but does not include such a plant where it uses mechanical aeration.

Wastewater treatment plant - means any structure, thing or process used for physical, chemical, biological or radiological treatment of wastewater, and includes a structure, thing or process used for wastewater storage, treated wastewater use and disposal, and sludge treatment, storage and disposal.


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