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Municipal Wastewater and Storm Water Management Program

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) regulates the Municipal Wastewater and Storm Water Management Program to ensure environmental protection. Regulatory frameworks, standards and guidelines are designed to assure environmentally acceptable wastewater discharge and acceptable storm water management practices. Municipal systems are regulated by AEP and private sewage systems are regulated by Municipal Affairs.

For an overview of the regulations for municipal and domestic wastewater systems, see:

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Wastewater Initiatives

The Government of Alberta is always striving to improve its programs and services. Here are some of the initiatives that aim to advance the municipal wastewater program:

Municipal Wastewater Facility Assessments

In 2008, AEP initiated a comprehensive review and assessment of the condition of municipal wastewater treatment systems' infrastructure and receiving environment where these systems discharge their treated effluents. This work was carried out in two phases and was completed in July 2010.

The first phase of the study included data collection, site inspection of mechanical plants, development of the receiving environment and infrastructure assessment frameworks. The result of the first phase of the study are documented in "Municipal Wastewater Facility Assessment, Volume 1 Phase 1 Report and Appendices", dated January 2009.

The second phase of the study is a refinement of the results from Phase 1 and analysis to prepare conclusions and recommendations. The technical analysis and the recommendations prepared in phase 2 are detailed in "Municipal Wastewater Facility Assessment, Phase 2 Report and Appendices", dated July 2010 and "Municipal Wastewater Facility Assessment Phase 2 Executive Report" dated July 2010.

An Access® database entitled ‘Alberta Municipal Wastewater Database" has also been designed to manage the data and derive the metric results for this project. This data management tool contains all the information and metric results for the municipal wastewater facilities and their receiving environment.

To download the respective documents and database, please see:

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