Flood Hazard Identification Program

2015/16 River Hazard Studies

Six new multi-year river hazard studies are now underway. These studies will identify river hazards and produce new flood inundation and flood hazard maps for the following:

  • 220 km of the Bow River;
  • 70 km of the Elbow River;
  • 50 km of the Sheep River;
  • 35 km of Threepoint Creek;
  • 90 km of the Highwood River;
  • 10 km of the Little Bow River;
  • 50 km of the Peace River;
  • 15 km of the Athabasca River;
  • 20 km of the Clearwater River; and
  • 5 km of Hangingstone Creek.

In total, approximately 560 kilometres of river will be studied and mapped.

An informational letter has been sent out to stakeholders in the areas where these studies are being conducted. Workers in the field conducting these studies have copies of this letter, and are able to provide a copy for review if requested.

The potential for flooding exists along all streams and lakes in Alberta.

Flooding can cause damage to property, hardship to people and in extreme events, loss of life. To assist Albertans in mitigating potential flood losses, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) manages the production of flood hazard studies and mapping under the provincial Flood Hazard Identification Program (FHIP).

Program Information

Flood hazard studies and mapping have been produced by the Government of Alberta since the 1970s. Initially there was no formal program associated with this work. In most cases, studies and mapping were provided to communities for information and planning purposes.

The Canada-Alberta Flood Damage Reduction Program was initiated in 1989 between the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada. The program was created to standardize and cost-share production of flood hazard studies and mapping, in order to increase public safety and awareness of flood hazards with an ultimate goal to mitigate flood damages.

The program expired in 1999 before flood hazard studies and mapping were completed for all of the original candidate communities. AEP continues to produce studies and mapping under the separate and independent Flood Hazard Identification Program.

To obtain a copy of the Current Flood Hazard Identification Program Guidelines (July 2011) or for more information, please contact:


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