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Drinking Water Information Letters


Achieving 4-log Virus Reduction - 2011 (3 pages, <1 MB)

IL 2/2011

Provides advice on achieving 4-log virus reduction with groundwater containing high levels of naturally-occurring ammonia.

Adoption of Microbiological Methods - 2012 (3 pages, <1 MB)

IL 3/2012

Sets out the requirements for validation of microbiological methods used for the analysis of drinking water and the demonstration of the equivalence of the new or modified methods introduced after October 1, 2012, which must be achieved before such methods are adopted for use in Alberta.

Analysis of Drinking Water for Metals - 2014 (3 pages, <1 MB)

IL 1/2014

Sets out the requirements for the analysis of drinking-water samples for total metals that came into force on April 1, 2014. These requirements supersede guidance provided in Drinking Water Information Letter 1/2012.

Analysis of Drinking Water for Metals - 2012 (2 pages, <1 MB)

IL 1/2012

Sets out the requirements for the analysis of drinking water samples for total metals that came into force on January 1, 2013.

Cyanobacterial Toxins in Drinking Water - Jul 2, 2015 (6 pages, <1 MB)

IL 1/2015

Provides interim guidance on the analytical requirements for microcystin-LR in drinking-water and the adjusted guideline value for cyanobacterial toxins, until the Health Canada Guideline for Drinking Water Quality regarding cyanobacterial toxins is revised and published.

Drinking Water Safety Plans - 2012 (3 pages, <1 MB)

IL 2/2012

Sets out Alberta Environment and Water's (now Alberta Environment and Parks) 'road map' for introducing drinking water safety plans to all Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) regulated drinking water systems (a.k.a. waterworks system under EPEA).


IL 1/2011

Provides advice regarding the granting of exemption from 4-log virus reduction under the Standards and Guidelines for Municipal Waterworks, Wastewater & Storm Drainage Systems (2006).


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