FISHES Program Updates

Program Update – Mar 8, 2016

As of November 2015 the FISHES program has completed the overview, preliminary and detailed habitat assessments for the initial suite of priority projects (Tier 1), identified using the Project Selection and Priority Ranking Tool.

To review the detailed scoring and ranking of these projects, see:

Requests for Proposal Issued

During the winter/spring of 2015/2016, individual Requests for Proposal, on a project by project basis, will be issued by Alberta Environment and Parks through the Alberta Purchasing Connection for the design and construction of these projects.

Construction on these projects is expected to begin in the spring of 2016 and continue through 2017. Completed projects will be monitored and evaluated to ensure project goals are achieved.

Tier 2 Project Identification and FISHES Project Map

Work is also proceeding on the identification and assessment of Tier 2 FISHES Projects. As of November 2015, three new watercourses have been identified for further assessment, including:

  • Carbondale River
  • Lyons Creek
  • Threepoint Creek

Preliminary Assessments and Detailed Field Surveys are already underway on these systems and will continue in the spring of 2016.

See map at left for locations of the identified Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects.

Project Summary Reports

Individual Project Summary Reports provide more detailed information regarding project goals and objectives, and the current status of each project. These reports will be updated as additional information is available from the ESRM and projects proceed to design and construction.

Tier 1 Habitat Mitigation Projects

Allison Creek/Atlas Road


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