Backcountry Trail Flood Rehabilitation Program

The June 2013 flood has affected backcountry users in a variety of ways. Restoring the trail systems in these areas serves not only to maintain recreational opportunities in Alberta’s backyard; it provides critical support to the economic, environmental and social benefits that were compromised by the flood. Providing Albertans with an opportunity to return to a sense of normalcy and providing wilderness opportunities for all is an important part of that recovery.

Environment and Parks (AEP) is leading a $10 million program to restore and repair backcountry trail systems on public lands commencing 2014 and to be completed by March 2017. The program aims to restore priority trails and trails systems along the eastern slopes for both motorized and non-motorized recreational users.

Temporary Trail Closures Due to Construction

Check the backcountry trail flood rehabilitation web map for temporary trail closures due to construction. Please be aware of construction projects on trails and avoid temporary closure areas.

*The web map is not intended to replace the existing Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ) maps and information.

Check the AEP website for all closures not related to backcountry trail flood rehabilitation projects.

Volunteer Information

Environment and Parks is in the process of developing a Volunteer and Partnership Program, as part of the Backcountry Trail Flood Rehabilitation program.

AEP is looking for individuals as well as backcountry recreation organizations, associations or clubs who would like to volunteer their time or equipment. AEP will provide training for all volunteers. Current volunteer opportunities with AEP are available by visiting:

Have you signed up to volunteer and want to know what to bring on the day of your event, or are you thinking about joining an event and want some more information on what to expect from the Volunteer Program? Further information on the program, how to prepare for a volunteer day and what to expect out in the field can be found in the User and Volunteer Groups Guide, and Volunteer Guide available at:

You can also contact a program representative in your area at:

Completed Projects

Visit the link below to see detailed information on projects that have been completed through this program.


AEP would like to recognize our partner organizations and their contributions to the Backcountry Trail Flood Rehabilitation program.

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