Kananaskis Golf Course

Government will proceed with the rebuild of the Kananaskis Country Golf Course. Deloitte LLP was contracted by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance in April 2015 to review the existing golf course contracts and advise government on alternative business models. The report assessed three scenarios: the continued rebuild of the golf course; reclaiming the land back to its natural state; and, tendering the golf course operation under a new long-term, pre-paid private operator lease.

The report indicates that the continued rebuild of the golf course is the most favourable option for Alberta taxpayers. The Deloitte report can be viewed on the Open Government Portal at:

The contracts and agreements used to inform Deloitte’s report are available on the Open Government Portal, and are listed below. In the interest of transparency and accountability, government released these reports to the public.

  • Agreement - Operation, Lease and Redevelopment
  • Amending Agreement No. 1
  • Amending Agreement No. 2
  • Amending Agreement No. 3
  • Amending Agreement No. 4
  • Consolidated Housing Agreement
  • Consolidated Housing Agreement Map
  • Release and Settlement Agreement


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Updated: Oct 15, 2018