Water: Codes of Practice

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These consolidations have no legislative sanction and are produced solely for the convenience of research. Official Statutes and Regulations must be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law (consolidations do not contain maps, charts, and graphs contained in the printed versions).

Temporary Diversion of Water for Hydrostatic Testing

Pipelines and Telecommunication Lines Crossing a Water Body

Watercourse Crossings

Outfall Structures on Water Bodies


Atlas of Class A Watercourse Sites

This atlas is a compendium of detailed information about the nature of Class A watercourses. Open the provincial overview map to determine the site number. The atlas files below are organized by site number.

Note: the information provided in the Class A Watercourse Atlas is not binding, may not be complete and is subject to change. It is not to be used to determine the official location of Class A sites. The detailed management area maps in section 5 (above) contain the legal descriptions of Class A site locations. For more information, contact the department’s Fish and Wildlife Branch.

Information Sheets

Information sheets contain descriptions of all sites, the rationale for their classification, the fish species they are important for, as well as sources of other information.

Site Maps

This collection of site maps shows the locations of Class A sites in relation to the Alberta Township System and other base features.

Aerial Imagery

This collection of aerial imagery provides detail about ground cover and the location of road-stream crossing sites.


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