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Boundary Waters Treaty (1909)

This treaty governs the sharing of waters of international streams between Canada and the United States and established an International Joint Commission (IJC) to monitor compliance and resolve disputes.

The IJC held four public information sessions in 2004, to gather information on the sharing of the Milk and St. Mary Rivers.

Later that year, the commission established the International St. Mary/ Milk Rivers Administrative Measures Task Force, with four members each from Canada and the United States.

The task force released a draft report in April 2006 for public comment, available on the commission's website.

To view a summary of Alberta's perspective on the task force report, and the Government of Alberta's formal submission to the task force, see the following:


The Government of Alberta (August 2004) submission to the IJC consisted of an overall submission as well as submissions from Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (now Alberta Agriculture and Forestry) and Alberta Environment (now Alberta Environment and Parks).


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