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Water Act Forms


Any person or company planning to undertake an activity that may affect the land or vegetation under or around a water body, or may affect the location, flow or quality of the water or aquatic environment, requires prior authorization and must submit a Water Act application or notice to Alberta Environment and Parks (or to the Alberta Energy Regulator in accordance with the Responsible Energy Development Act).

The department is transforming the way we administer Water Act approvals by moving to a web-based, electronic application system.

Water Act approvals applications, approval amendments applications and Code of Practice notices must now be submitted through an online process in a new Environmental Approvals System called OneStop (EAS OneStop). This new system will increase the consistency and transparency of application review and streamline communication and application requirements for applicants, which will result in a more efficient process.

For more information about this change and how to access EAS OneStop, see:

Note: Applications for Water Act Licences are not affected by this change. Water Act Licences will continue to be submitted and reviewed through the current application process until further notice.

Important Dates

  • Effective November 30, 2018, Code of Practice notices are required to be submitted online in the OneStop system; for more information on the submission process, see:
  • Effective January 18, 2019, all new Water Act approvals applications and approval amendments applications are required to be submitted online in the OneStop system

Training is being offered to assist applicants with this change. Please visit the Eventbrite website for details about upcoming training sessions:

For inquiries and technical issues regarding EAS OneStop, email:

Download Instructions: Interactive PDF forms are fillable and work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. For Google Chrome, please see the following instructions:

Application for Approval to Drill Water Wells- Aug 12, 2015 (1 page, <1 MB)
For all approvals and licences
Application for Transfer of Water Allocation- Aug 12, 2015 (4 pages, <1 MB)
Detail Site Plan- Apr 2011 (1 page, <1 MB)
Dugout Plan- Oct 2007 (1 page, <1 MB)
Dugout Questionnaire- Oct 2007 (1 page, <1 MB)
Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines Notification
See Codes of Practice
Licence Declaration - May 2016 (3 pages, 1.3 MB)
Livestock Water Requirement Worksheet- Oct 2007 (1 page, <1 MB)
Livestock Water Source Calculation Chart- Oct 2007 (1 page, <1 MB)
Outfall Structure Notification
See Codes of Practice
Pipelines and Telecommunication Lines Crossing a Water Body Notification
See Codes of Practice
Temporary Diversion Licence- Aug 2015 (3 pages, 2.3 MB)
Water Act Application- Jul 2016 (3 pages, 2.7 MB)
For all licences
Water Well Inventory List- Apr 2011 (1 page, <1 MB)
Watercourse Crossings Notification
See Codes of Practice


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