BC Hydro's Site C Project

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What is Site C?

Site C is a proposed hydro development in BC on the Peace River. Located 60 km upstream of the Alberta border, it will be the third hydro development on the Peace River in BC. As a run-of-the-river hydro project, it will benefit from water stored in and regulated by the upstream Williston Reservoir. Site C will be 60m high and 1,050m long, with an 83km long reservoir.

Will there be an environmental assessment?

Yes, the environmental assessment of Site C was initiated in August 2011. The project will undergo a joint environmental assessment process conducted by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. The entire process is expected to take two to three years.

How is the Government of Alberta involved?

When the environmental assessment was initiated, a technical Working Group was formed. The Working Group includes federal, provincial, First Nation, and local governments, and representatives from neighbouring jurisdictions. Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is representing the Government of Alberta in the Site C Working Group. This is Alberta's opportunity to bring its interests to the table.

What engagement is occurring with municipalities in Alberta?

AEP is working with municipalities in northern Alberta to ensure all interests are brought to the environmental assessment for the Site C Hydro Project. Some municipalities will participate directly by being a member on the Working Group. Other Municipalities want the department to bring their interests forward in the Site C Environmental Assessment process.

What interests will the Government of Alberta represent?

AEP is working to build an understanding of the interests of stakeholders in the Peace River Region. These interests will guide the department's participation in the Site C environmental assessment. To date, we have heard these interests:

  • Mitigation of ice-jam flooding in communities along the Peace River
  • Operations of ferry crossings and use of ice bridges
  • Flow variability to support the aquatic ecosystem
  • Sufficient water supply for communities and economic development

Where can I get more information?

For information on the Site C Hydro Project visit:

For information on the provincial and federal environmental assessments visit:


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