Waste Control Regulation Review Plan FAQs

About the Review and Consultations

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Will the Waste Control Regulation Review affect me?

Phase I and II, and IV of the review will be mostly internal to government. Phase III will involve conversations with stakeholders through targeted engagement. All stakeholders are invited to read through the recommendations report Updating Alberta’s Hazardous Waste Regulatory Framework (2006) and the Too Good to Waste Strategy (pg. 18 – 21) to understand the general scope of the review and how it may affect them.

What will Alberta Environment and Parks do with the results of previous consultations?

Staff plans to review previous consultation results, conduct targeted stakeholder engagement in 2016 on outstanding issues, and then develop recommendations for a regulatory package for decision makers’ review by 2018.

Why is there a need for another review if previous consultation recommendations were not implemented?

The previous recommendations were based on the science of the day and need to be validated to ensure they are still relevant today. While many of the recommendations will likely continue to hold true, some adjustments may be necessary to incorporate current policies and knowledge.

What is the department doing in 2015?

The department is using a phased approach for this work. Phase I and Phase II are scheduled to occur in 2015. In Phase I, staff are making administrative changes and adding an expiry date to the Waste Control Regulation. During Phase II staff will undertake an internal policy review of the regulation that will incorporate feedback from previous consultations.

When can I expect to see changes that will impact me? When will the changes take effect?

There are two different updates planned for the Waste Control Regulation Review. The first update, Phase I, will be administrative changes and adding an expiry date. These are housekeeping changes that clarify or correct a section or clause without changing waste management requirements. This is expected to be complete by the end of 2015.

No other regulatory amendments will occur until staff completes the policy analysis of various waste management issues, obtain feedback from affected stakeholders, and develop final recommendations for decision makers.

Updates to Guides and Standards

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Will the Alberta User Guide for Waste Managers be updated?

Yes, a review and update of the Alberta User Guide for Waste Managers is part of this project.

Will the Standards for Landfills in Alberta and Standards for Composting Facilities in Alberta be reviewed and updated as part of this project?

A specific review of the two Standards is not planned; however, the review of the Waste Control Regulation may result in recommended updates to the Standards.

Stakeholder Involvement

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How can I be involved in the review? Will there be an opportunity to share my comments?

Stakeholder involvement with the project will vary depending on the waste management issue being addressed. Department staff will connect with stakeholders in 2016, and have one-on-one conversations or workshops to discuss and gather feedback on the regulatory review. In the interim, those interested can contact Waste Policy staff about the project at:

For general waste inquiries, contact the Information Centre:


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