Waste Control Regulation Review Plan

The Waste Control Regulation (WCR) and associated documents were developed in 1996 and are due for a review. The Waste Control Regulation is a key piece of Alberta’s waste management framework but it is nearly 20 years old, needs to be improved and modernized, and lacks an expiry date.

To address these concerns, work is underway on a multi-phased approach to update the Waste Control Regulation and Alberta User Guide for Waste Managers.

  • Phase I: Make administrative updates to the regulation and add an expiry date, as the government’s policy requires all regulations to have an expiry date by December 31, 2015. Administrative updates include items such as updating a definition or making changes to clarify wording. They do not include anything that changes the intent of the regulation.
  • Phase II: Internal review to identify regulatory issues. This will include reviewing consultation work completed in 2008 and recommendations such as Updating Alberta’s Hazardous Waste Regulatory Framework (2006). Updated guidelines and policies (for example, the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality) may have implications on previous recommendations. The review will ensure recommendations will align with current standards.
  • Phase III: Stakeholder engagement. After the internal review is complete, staff will conduct targeted stakeholder engagement on items or issues identified during the Phase II analysis. This is anticipated to take place in 2016.
  • Phase IV: Update the Waste Control Regulation. Based on the stakeholder feedback and policy analysis, staff will work internally to provide recommendations to decision makers for updating the regulation. This update is anticipated in 2018.

Updating the regulation will ensure Albertans have up-to-date environmental protection standards for managing, treating and disposing of waste, including hazardous waste. For more see:

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