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Waste and Recycling Legislation

Waste Legislation Hierarchy

Alberta produces many wastes requiring management. Depending on the type of waste and how it is generated, transported and processed, it may be subject to one or more pieces of local, provincial or Federal legislation.

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is the provincial department responsible for how wastes and recyclables are managed in Alberta. The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) is most relevant to waste and enables waste and recycling regulations. A figure to the right shows the hierarchy of how requirements are enabled.

Provided below are links to waste and recycling legislation specific to AEP. Regulations listed below are enabled under EPEA.


Codes of Practice

The following codes of practice are provided for waste management facilities that are eligible for registration as described by the Activities Designation Regulation.

While some small select waste facilities can register under one of the above codes, others will require an EPEA approval. For more information on the approval process, see:

Fact Sheets on Setbacks for Waste Facilities

Waste facilities have a minimum separation distance to schools, residence, hospitals and food establishments. In some cases, a subdivision of development authority may seek to vary setback distances. Provided below are documents describing the processes and requirements for setback distance variation consent from specific types of waste management facilities.


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