Landfill Operator Certification Study Guide

Alberta Environment and Parks is proud to announce the publication of an Alberta Landfill Operator Certification Study Guide. The study guide contains in-depth information on the operation of a landfill and the requisite core competencies landfill operators are required to know to challenge Alberta’s landfill operator certification exam.

For more information about the Landfill Operator Certification Study Guide, see:

Waste Management Framework

The Waste Control Regulation is a key piece of Alberta’s waste management framework. Previous consultation work and recommendations will be reviewed to ensure that they align with current standards such as the updated Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

Targeted stakeholder engagement is planned to solicit input throughout the regulation review and update process; however, there is no set start date for this work.

For more information on the previous work see:

Too Good to Waste

In 2007, the Government of Alberta approved the Too Good to Waste provincial strategy for waste reduction and management.

The strategy identifies opportunities, outcomes and strategies to help the province move forward with innovative waste management programs. Three main objectives are identified within the strategy:

  1. Albertans take responsibility for resource conservation and waste minimization
  2. Waste management systems are integrated to provide the capacity for processing and/or recovery of materials that would otherwise be disposed of as wastes
  3. Facilities and practices to manage secondary materials and wastes are protective of the environment and human health

Performance Indicators

Alberta Environment and Parks annually collects waste data to track the amount of municipal solid waste going to landfills per capita. This data is published in the department’s annual report which can be found at:


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