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Ghost PLUZ Map
Ghost - Georeferenced Map
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Ghost PLUZ Map

Area and Trail Information

For advisories and closures for this and other areas, visit:

Under the backcountry trail rehabilitation program, trails in the area may be temporarily closed due to construction. Please be aware of construction projects on trails and avoid temporary closure areas.

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  • Random camping is permitted.

Ghost Public Land Use Zone Brochure and Maps

For details about the Ghost Public Land Use Zone, including maps, access information, permitted recreational activities and types of services offered, see:

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Off-highway vehicles (OHV) permitted only on designated trails:

  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited in Banff National Park
  • Specific trails are designated for specific vehicle type
  • Some seasonal closures apply
  • Highway licenced vehicles are permitted on designated trails.
snowmobile Snowmobiles permitted only on designated trails.
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Hiking permitted.

Equestrian permitted. Horse grazing or tethering must be 100 metres from a lakeshore.

Cross-country skiing permitted.

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hunting archery Alberta hunting regulations apply. For details on hunting regulations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at: No hunting in provincial recreation area.
fishing Alberta fishing regulations apply. For details on fishing regulations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at:

About this Area/PLUZ

Established in May, 2006 to address the growing demand for recreation and the potential conflicts with other resource values and stakeholders in the Ghost-Waiparous area.

Area is 1,500 square kilometres (579.2 square miles).

Legislation, management, and planning relevant to the area:


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