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Maps of this Area:

Dormer/Sheep Trail Map
- Mar 2018 (4 pages, <1 MB)

Bighorn Backcountry Regional Map
- Mar 2018 (13 pages, 4.2 MB)

Area and Trail Information

For advisories and closures for this and other areas, visit:

View activity and trail information for the area:


  • Random, no-service, camping is permitted.
    • Must be 100 metres from a lakeshore.
    • No permanent camp structures.
  • Campsites and fires must be one kilometre (0.6miles) from a Recreation Area, Provincial Park or a roadway
  • Nearby, partly serviced camping is available at Alberta Parks:
Motocross ATV

Side By Side

Off-highway vehicles (OHV) permitted only on designated trails with the following weight and width restrictions:

  • maximum weight of 590 kilograms (1,300 pounds)
  • maximum wheel base of 185 centimetres (72.8 inches)
  • maximum width of 178 centimetres (70 inches)
  • maximum tire pressure of 110 kPa (16psi)

For relevant clubs, trails and other information:


Snow vehicles permitted only on designated trails.

Prohibited Boat

Motorized boats are not permitted.

Hiking Hiking

Cross Country Skiing

Hiking permitted.

Equestrian permitted; trails available. Horse grazing or tethering must be at least 100 metres (109.4 yards) of a lakeshore.

Cross-country skiing permitted. Trails available.


Alberta hunting regulations apply. For details on hunting regulations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at:

Hunting is not permitted in Provincial Recreation Areas (PRAs).


Alberta fishing regulations apply. For details on fishing regulations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at:

About this Area/PLUZ

Area was created in October, 2002 to provide year-round access for non-motorized and equestrian use. Access for off-highway vehicles is permitted only on designated trails.

Area is 106 square kilometers (40.9 square miles)

Legislation, management, and planning relevant to the area:

For stewardship, monitoring, and biodiversity initiatives:


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