Allison / Chinook

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Allison/Chinook PLUZ Map
Allison / Chinook PLUZ Map

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Allison Cross Country Ski Trails
Cross Country Skiing, Biking, Hiking

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Area & Trail Information

For advisories and closures for this and other areas, visit:

Under the backcountry trail rehabilitation program, trails in the area may be temporarily closed due to construction. Please be aware of construction projects on trails and avoid temporary closure areas.

For cross country skiing, biking, hiking trail reports and other information, visit:

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  • Random, no-service, camping is permitted.
Motor Bike Quad

Quad, Side by Side
Off-highway vehicles (OHV) permitted only on designated trails.

For relevant clubs, trails and other information:

Snowmobile Snowmobiles permitted only on designated trails between December 1 and March 31.
Parks Icon Hiking Horseback Riding

Cross country Skiing

Hiking permitted.

Equestrian permitted. Horseback riding not permitted on trails designated for cross-country skiing from December 1 to March 31.

Cross-country skiing permitted between December 1 and March 31.

Hunting Alberta hunting regulations apply. For details on hunting regulations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at:

Hunting is not permitted in Provincial Recreation Areas (PRAs).

Fishing Alberta fishing regulations apply. For details on fishing regulations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at:

About this PLUZ

Established in September, 1986 to designate separate areas for motorized and non-motorized recreational activity.

Area is five square kilometres (1.92 square miles).

Legislation, management, and planning relevant to the area:

For stewardship, monitoring, and biodiversity initiatives:

  • There are currently no initiatives at this time.


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