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Provincial Legislation

It is your responsibility to know the regulatory requirements for the lands on which you plan to travel.

The forests, meadows, rivers and wetlands of Alberta benefit us all. If you see someone causing damage to the environment, call 1 800 642-3800 to report: what occurred, date, time, location, vehicle and license plate number, description of the person or people causing the damage, your name and phone number.

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is responsible for administering a number of provincial statutes and regulations. In addition, AEP assists some other Government of Alberta Ministries with the implementation of their legislation.

Provincial legislation and regulations related to public land use

As a starting point, you should familiarize yourself with the provisions of the following regulations and statutes available on the Alberta Queen’s Printer website:

  • Forest and Prairie Protection Act
    The Forest and Prairie Protection Act prescribes the provisions for "warming fires" on public lands.
  • Public Lands Administration Regulation
    The Public Lands Administration Regulation governs the public’s use of all Public Land Use Zones, Provincial Recreation Areas, Forest Recreation Areas and Public Land Recreation Trails.
  • Off-Highway Vehicle Regulation
    The Off-Highway Vehicle Regulation prescribes the operational requirements for Off-Highway Vehicles in Alberta.
  • Recreational Access Regulations
    The Recreational Access Regulations clarify the rules for recreational and exploration access on agricultural dispositions issued under the Public Lands Act, including grazing leases and farm development leases.
  • Traffic Safety Act (Part 6)
    The Traffic Safety Act establishes the legislative requirements for Off-Highway Vehicles in Alberta.

Additional legislation

The legislation and regulations above are most relevant to recreation on public lands, however, you may also wish to become familiar with the following:


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