Land and Trail Closures

Area Closure – Fall Creek

Fall Creek is a tributary to the Ram River and is a key spawning and rearing stream for resident and migratory Bull trout in the North Saskatchewan River. Bull trout, Cutthroat trout, and Mountain whitefish occupy Fall Creek below the Fall Creek falls. An undesignated off-highway vehicle trail (Lower Fall Creek Trail) currently parallels and crosses Fall Creek, causing extensive erosion and sedimentation with multiple stream/trail convergences. The trail has diverted large portions of Fall Creek, which is flowing down the trail in several locations.

In the most impacted areas, there are more than thirteen highly eroded OHV crossings per stream kilometer. The OHV trail must be closed to public use and remediated in order to prevent mass erosion events and fish stranding that pose a serious threat to this Bull trout population. Specific secondary concerns include areas where vegetation damage is influencing aquatic habitat. Reclamation of the Lower Fall Creek Trail is presumed to improve habitat conditions for native populations of Bull trout.

The area closure around Fall Creek takes place from July 21, 2018 until August 17, 2018. Closure area expands 200m on both sides of the creek starting at the blue bridge and ending where the seismic line trail meets Sunpine Mainline.


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Updated: Jul 17, 2018