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Parks and Wildlife Ventures Land Holdings

Explore the lands owned by the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation, and learn how you can enjoy them.

To view a map of where the properties are located, see:

Program Information

Land Conservation

The natural areas and parks managed by Alberta Environment and Parks provide habitat for wildlife, conserve water and provide recreational opportunities for the public. One of our priorities is conserving natural areas and wildlife habitat throughout Alberta. We encourage careful and responsible planning for continued growth in Alberta so future generations may enjoy our beautiful natural areas.

How We Conserve Natural Areas

The Park and Wildlife Ventures program supports private land conservation in Alberta through land management, partnerships with conservation groups and consultative process.

Land Donations and Purchases

The Parks and Wildlife Ventures program is no longer accepting donations of land. We will continue to provide consultative services to those wishing to donate their lands and work with partner organizations to continue the protection of Alberta’s natural spaces.

Team Work

The Park and Wildlife Ventures program brings together landowners, community groups, industry, government agencies, non-government agencies, volunteers and donors to conserve valuable habitat. The program partners with other conservation agencies to manage lands, and to promote conservation in Alberta. To view a list of who we partner with, see:


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