Cougar Facts

  • Cougars can usually be found in wooded, rocky areas and may den in dense underbrush, under an overhang of tree branches, under logs or in rock caves.
  • When threatened, cougars seek refuge in trees, and stay in the limbs of the trees until the danger has passed.
  • Cougars do not normally prefer flat, open terrain. However, they may be spotted in the river valleys and other wildlife travel corridors that pass through such terrain.
  • Cougars are curious and adaptable and can survive in territory that provides shelter and a food source such as deer.
  • Cougars are efficient hunters who silently stalk and ambush their prey from the ground.
  • Cougars normally prey on deer, elk, moose, sheep and small mammals.
  • It is thought that cougars have expanded their range in recent years. However, cougars are simply returning to territory that they had previously used, but were removed from.
  • Cougars normally vocalize only when mating, communicating with kittens or when feeling threatened.

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Updated: Apr 6, 2010