Ongoing Situations

Enbridge Synthetic Crude Release in Sherwood Park

Enbridge has identified a release of synthetic crude that has impacted the waterway that goes through the Enbridge site as well as the Kinder Morgan adjacent property. It is believed that the release has been contained in the road ditch adjacent to 17 Street. Containment booms have been deployed at this location as well as further down gradient.

The responsible party has responded by utilizing vacuum trucks, acquiring an environmental response company, setting out wildlife deterrents, as well as completing down gradient assessment by walking the creek and completing an observation flight of the creek and the North Saskatchewan River as a precautionary measure.

Continuing response to the incident is ongoing.

Diesel release near HWY 40 N of Grande Cache

March 14, 2017

This afternoon, a tractor trailer went off Hwy 40 and entered the ditch approximately 14 kilometres north of Grande Cache.

The unit is upright and leaking diesel fuel from one of its saddle tank; the tank is ripped open. The local dire department provided traffic control and the town sent a sanding truck to make a berm as the ditch leads to the Smokey River.

An Alberta Environment and Parks emergency response officer is enroute from Grande Prairie. A tow truck is also en route.

The emergency response officer will meet with fire department officials on site to conduct site assessment; the officer will also work with local authorities to determine if and how the release can be contained and recovered.

Bow River Watershed Infected with Whirling Disease

February 10, 2017

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has declared the Bow River watershed infected with whirling disease and the province of Alberta a buffer zone.

The CFIA’s announcement covers all streams, creeks, lakes and rivers that feed into the Bow River. This includes water bodies in Banff National Park, the Elbow River and the Bow River itself. The affected zone ends at the confluence of the Bow River and South Saskatchewan River.

The declaration requires that provincial aquaculture facilities and Class A fish farms, which cultivate salmonids, will have to test fish for whirling disease and implement approved biosecurity protocols in order to obtain a permit from CFIA to stock fish from the infected area.

Moving Forward

  • There are currently no plans to make changes that will affect fishing in the Bow River.
  • The ongoing objective, related to whirling disease in Alberta’s wild fish populations, is detection and delineation, and where possible, containment.
  • Public engagement and education are essential to help stop the spread of whirling disease in Alberta. Actions include:
    • Posting educational materials and decontamination instructions on the Environment and Parks website and distribution through social media
    • Using Aquatic Invasive Species watercraft inspection stations to provide education materials to boaters and anglers
    • Providing online updates of sample results and locations
    • Working with stakeholders, such as the Alberta Fish and Game Association and the Alberta Angling Outfitters, to communicate with its members and the public about preventing the spread of whirling disease
    • Using existing "Clean, Drain and Dry" education campaign materials to prevent the spread of whirling disease by anglers and boaters

Some of the ways Alberta is helping prevent the spread of whirling disease

  • Examining potential legislative tools that could help stop the spread of the disease
  • Using existing legislation to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, such as the drain plug rule for motorized boats (all watercraft must have their drain plugs pulled while in transport), prohibition of releasing live fish and water and mandatory watercraft inspection stations

More Information

Bovine Tuberculosis

November 1, 2016

A case of bovine tuberculosis in a cow was linked to a property in southeastern Alberta. Some hunters may have concerns about the impacts to the elk hunts associated with the Canadian Forces Suffield (CFB Suffield).

For more information on bovine tuberculosis please see:

Temporary Restriction Order – Motorized Use in Hummingbird Trail System

July 28, 2016

A temporary restriction on motorized trail use has been issued for sections of the Hummingbird Trail System in the Upper Clearwater/Ram Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ).

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