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Diesel release - Crawling Valley Reservoir

June 26, 2017 - 12:10 p.m.

On Sunday, Alberta Environment and Parks was advised that a 500 gallon diesel tank hooked up to an irrigation motor was leaking adjacent to the reservoir; diesel was also released onto the surrounding ground and into a drainage channel to the reservoir. The sheen on the water was identified when a pilot flew over the area on Sunday afternoon and reported it to the Eastern Irrigation District.

The amount of diesel released from the tank is estimated to be 150 gallons. It is unknown how much entered the water as a rainbow sheen was visible from the air covering approximately ¾ mile long and about 100 meters wide along the eastern shore. The reservoir is used for irrigation and recreational purposes (stocked with fish) and does not supply and potable water plants.

The Eastern Irrigation District (EID) implemented initial containment measures Sunday night at the confluence of the drainage channel and the reservoir with the installation of an absorbent boom across the channel. The tank owner has contracted a third party environmental company to respond; they are en route. An Environment and Parks regional responder is onsite. EID continues to change out the absorbent boom as necessary and is recovering product with absorbent pads within the contained area and using absorbent boom to prevent further entrance on shoreline.

The regional responder and the third-party consultant will work with EID to conduct a site assessment, ensure no further release to reservoir and determine any impacts to the shoreline and the reservoir. EID has human and technical resources on standby to remove contaminated material.


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