Disposition Plan Requirements

Most applications or amendments submitted to Integrated Resource Management Planning Division, Alberta Environment and Parks are accompanied with a plan, which shows the extent of the land under consideration for the activity. Visit the sub-topics for more information.

Disposition Plan Requirements

In order to assist clients to determine what the plan requirements are for dispositions on Public Land, a number of documents have been developed and made available to clients.

Plan Distribution Information (IHS)

Any surface work performed on Crown Land within the province of Alberta requires a plan to be submitted to the Surveys and Technical Services Section (STSS), Dispositions and Technical Services Branch, Alberta Environment and Parks along with an application form. These plans consist of survey plans, sketch plans, etc. filed by applicants for dispositions (lease, licence, other) for purposes such as well sites, pipeline or power line rights of way, roadways and etc. These Individual Surface Activity Plans (ISAPs) were traditionally stored in physical archives.

The Plan Distribution Service (PDS) serves as a repository for plans depicting activities performed on Crown Lands. IHS AccuMap Ltd holds, for the LAB, image copies of all current and historical ISAPs. On behalf of the LAB, IHS distributes plans from the library as well as copies of composite township and section plats. Requests to plans can be made over the IHS web site or by contacting IHS by phone.

IHS has exclusive rights to re-sell copies of the ISAPs to clients. All active activities, as listed below, are available through PDS. IHS does not distribute plans registered at the Land Titles Office.

CNC Consultative Notation Company RN
CNT Consultative Notation (provincial government) RN
CUP Cultivation Permit SK
DRS Disposition Reservation MS/SG/RN
EZE Easement T
FDL Farm Development Lease SK
FGA Forest Grazing Allotment SK
FGL Forest Grazing Licence SK
GRL Grazing Lease SK
GRP Grazing Permit SK
GRR Provincial Grazing Reserve SK
HRS Holding Reservation RN
ISP Industrial Sample Plot RN
LOC Licence of Occupation TL/MS
MLL Miscellaneous Lease MS
MLP Miscellaneous Permit MS
MSL Mineral Surface Lease MS
PIL Pipeline Installation Lease P
PLA Pipeline Agreement P
PLS Public/Private Land Sale SK
PNT Protective Notation RN
RDS Provisional Roadway RD
REA Rural Electrification Association Easement T
REC Recreational Lease MS
ROE Right-of-Entry MS/P
RRD Registered Roadway RD
SMC Surface Material Licence SG
SME Surface Material Exploration SG
SML Surface Material Lease SG
VCE Vegetation Control Easement T

Please visit the IHS Energy site for additional information.


  • ALSA
    (external to Alberta Government)
    For information regarding Alberta Land Surveyors' visit the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association web site.
  • Director of Surveys
    For information on the establishment, maintenance and preservation of the provincial land survey system and for the provision of the provincial spatial referencing system, visit the Director of Surveys.
  • IHS Energy Group Canada Ltd.
    (external to Alberta Government)
    For image copies of all current Individual Surface Activity Plans visit HIS Energy Group Canada Ltd.
  • SPIN
    To download registered survey plans within Alberta visit the Alberta Registries online Spatial Information (SPIN) System web site.


Plan Requirements for Dispositions on Public Land / Director of Surveys

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