Connor Creek Provincial Grazing Reserve

Established: 1983
Area: 32,380 acres (13103.72 hectares)
Terrain: Undulating to strongly rolling
Vegetation: Tame pastures, mixed forest
Region: Central mixedwood natural subregion
Nearby municipalities: 42 km northwest of Barrhead
Water Bodies: Athabasca River, Dahlberg Lake
PGR Fence Specifications: PGR Fence Specifications - SW Region Asset Specs
Livestock management:

Connor Creek Grazing Association
(privatized April 1, 1997)

Looks after livestock and maintains the developed pastures in good, productive condition.

Maintains all fence lines, dugouts, corrals and the building located at the headquarters site.

Grazing season: Mid-May to late-October
Cattle: Approximately 15,500 Animal Unit Months (AUMs)
Minimum Number of Patrons: 33 patrons
Application: Please contact 780 514-3417 for grazing allotment application. Application deadline is January 31st.

Within the reserve, there are 19,463 acres (7,876.4 hectares) that have been developed into tame pasture. Leases to graze livestock are granted on the Athabasca riverbank which also provides habitat for wildlife. A 2,200 acres (890.3 hectare) area of land, that includes Dahlberg Lake, had been fenced off for recreational use and isn’t used for grazing.

Another area of the reserve, 1,120 acres (453.3 hectares) on the south-eastern portion of the reserve has been set aside to provide watershed protection for the Paddle River drainage system. There’s some grazing of livestock in this area, but no developed tame pastures exist and no development is planned.

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PGR Pilot Recreational Access Project

All recreational users will be required to obtain written proof of contact before entering the Connor Creek Provincial Grazing Reserve.

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