Seven Persons

Established: 1934
Area: 6,605 acres (2672 hectares)
Terrain: Gently rolling
Vegetation: Dry mixed grass
Region: Mixed grass sub-region of the grassland natural region
Nearby municipalities: 17 km southwest of Medicine Hat
Irrigation: St May Irrigation District
Water is applied by both flood and pivot methods
Livestock management: Seven Persons Grazing Association
(effective April 1, 1999)

Maintains the fences, dugouts, corral systems and the buildings located at the headquarters.

Provides the bulls for the breeding program

Grazing season: Mid-May to mid-October
Cattle: Black Angus
Red Angus
Capacity: 1235 head of cattle
Wildlife and game: Waterfowl
Upland game birds
Recreational activities: Hunting
Industrial activities Oil and natural gas production

The association recently undertook a livestock water enhancement project that saw the association replace poor quality dugouts with above ground livestock watering troughs. The new troughs are fed by an underground waterline system which provides water from the irrigation system. This ensures that in the fields with the troughs, the livestock always has access to good quality water. The association plans to extend the water lines to all areas of the reserve and eliminate the watering of livestock from the dugouts.

Another venture the association is looking at is the replacement of the flood irrigated areas with centre pivots. Six new pivots have been set up to replace low producing flood irrigation. Over time the association hopes to replace the remaining flood irrigation systems. In 2005 110 acres of water rights were transferred to Seven Persons PGR from Bow Island PGR.

Regulatory Conditions of Recreational Access

Under Sections 9(3) and 9(4) of the Recreational Access Regulation, recreational users must:

  • Not litter;
  • Have direct control of any animal brought onto the agricultural disposition land;
  • Not park vehicles so that they block an approach to land;
  • Not enter or use any building or improvement on the disposition;
  • Not cause any damage to the agricultural disposition land or the property of the disposition holder;
  • Leave gates and other property as they were found;
  • Comply with an applicable recreational management plan, if any; and
  • Comply with the restrictions, prohibitions, terms and conditions, if any, imposed by the Local Settlement Officer, or Director.

For more information, see:

Specific Access Conditions for this Disposition

  • LSO conditions - No recreational access is permitted in pastures where livestock are grazing.
  • LSO conditions - Recreational motorized vehicles allowed on existing gravel trails and roads only.
  • LSO conditions - No fires permitted at any time.
  • LSO condition - No recreational motorized vehicles allowed during a fire ban imposed by the Local Fire Authority.
  • LSO condition - No overnight camping is permitted.


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