Security for Land Reclamation Performance

Reclamation security is required under Alberta's Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the Conservation and Reclamation Regulation. Security is also required under the Waste Control Regulation for landfills and hazardous waste and recyclables sites.

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Security funds are collected from operators who hold a regulatory approval for Conservation and Reclamation pursuant to Schedule 1, Division 3 of the Activities Designation Regulation unless exempted in the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (s. 84) or in the Conservation and Reclamation Regulation (s. 17.1).

For a new approval, the security must be provided before the approval is issued. For an approval amendment or a change to the amount of security required, security must be provided within 30 days of a request by the Director.

The amount of security must cover the cost of reclamation in case the operator is unable to complete reclamation on the site. Security can be submitted in cash, bonds or letters of credit. The security is placed in the Environmental Protection Security Fund. Interest on security submitted as cash is paid to the operator.

Security is returned to the operator when the site is reclaimed and a reclamation certificate is issued. Part of the security can be returned when part of the site is reclaimed.

Security may be forfeited if an operator fails to meet reclamation obligations and the funds are used by the Department to reclaim the site. If these funds are insufficient to cover the cost of reclamation, the government can complete the reclamation work and collect the additional money from the operator.

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Updated: Jan 16, 2018