Remediation Certificates

Program Overview

Remediation certificates provide an incentive to clean up spills by providing closure of regulatory liability. Remediation certificates officially recognize remediation projects that have achieved the department's environmental protection objectives. To be eligible for a remediation certificate, applicants must demonstrate remediation success and complete the Remediation Certificate Application Form as described in Guides to Remediation Certificates.

Remediated areas are eligible for certification under one of two programs that have replaced the petroleum storage tank (PST) remediation certificate program:

  • Remediation certificates for general contaminated sites
  • Remediation certificates for upstream oil and gas sites

Remediation Certificates

Participation in the remediation certificate program is voluntary. Site owners or developers that would like to receive a remediation certificate must submit a completed Remediation Certificate Application Form and an application fee of $1000. The form must be signed by both the applicant and a member of a Professional Regulatory Organization.

Applicants that meet the program requirements and apply with the required information and fee will receive a certificate acknowledging that the remediated area has met Alberta's remediation guidelines. A remediation certificate provides assurance that additional remediation is not required.

View the overview presentation on the Remediation Certificate Program.

Environmental Assurance

The remediation certificate and supporting documentation are publically available so that interested parties can determine if a certificate has been issued for an area and review the application materials.

AEP audits approximately 10 per cent of certified areas. The department can refuse to issue a remediation certificate for a site if the information requirements are not met or the remediated area does not meet Alberta's remediation guidelines. A remediation certificate can be cancelled if the remediated area fails an audit or there is a substantiated complaint.

Remediation Certificates for Contaminated Sites

The first program provides remediation certificates for general contaminated sites. In addition to PST sites, this program includes approved facilities, facilities under Codes of Practice, and other commercial and industrial contaminated sites. This program does not apply to upstream oil and gas activities.

Remediation Certificates for Upstream Oil and Gas Sites

The second program provides remediation certificates for upstream oil and gas sites. This program acts as a companion to the remediation certificates for contaminated industrial and commercial sites program. Contaminated areas on oil and gas sites in Alberta that have been remediated to appropriate standards may be eligible for a remediation certificate. This program includes upstream oil and gas sites such as wellsites, pipelines, and batteries. This program does not apply to processing facilities that are considered part of downstream operations or facilities that operate under approval with AEP, such as sour gas processing facilities.


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